Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Why Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Every year 1 in 3 pets falls ill or injured. And while it’s amazing what veterinarians can do for pets these days, a visit to the emergency room can run up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a very short space of time.

Many people are not prepared financially to afford the level of care that modern veterinary medicine can provide and sometimes people compromise by giving their pets a level of care that’s far from the best.

With pet insurance in Hot Springs, you don’t have to choose between an expensive treatment and the pet’s life. Just because your pet is healthy and happy today, doesn’t mean things will always be that way.

On average, pet parents will have at least one significant claim each year, meaning they are guaranteed to use pet insurance. It’s not really a matter of if, but when.

The average claim amount is nearing $600.

Purebreds or Mixed Breeds? We cover both.

YES, we cover genetic conditions that some breeds are predisposed to. Some examples are hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, and cardiomyopathy, providing the pet did not show signs or symptoms prior to the insurance being obtained.
  1. Wellness Rewards are completely separate from accidents and illnesses plans so there are
NO Deductible and NO CO-Pay. You will get 100% reimbursement for general office visits, vaccinations, flea/tick/heartworm meds, spay/neuter, microchipping, dental cleanings, and routine diagnostic tests.

How to file a claim? You can fax a bill to a 1-800 fax number and typically checks are mailed within 14 days. Checks can deposited directly into your bank account if desired.
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